Clare And Jaqui Are Running Every Step Of The Way To Reach Their Goal

Gwynedd Council
Byw’n Iach Penllyn, Bala

A few years ago Clare and Jaqui decided they wanted to keep fit, so they both headed for the challenge head on, and did something about it. They both joined the local leisure centre, Byw’n Iach Penllyn, Y Bala so they can improve their fitness and reach their goal. By coming to the gym together and joining the fitness classes, they became good friends. Soon, they started running, doing a bit of running was a natural extension from their fitness classes over summer of 2017. They gave their self a goal and have ago at Couch to 5k.

However events over took them. During July, Clare’s world was turned upside down. Claire left home for a few days to take her mam to the hospital, 5 week later her mam passed away in St Teresa’s Hospice. She received the best care, support and love that anyone could wish for. Devastatingly, two days after Clare’s mum’s funeral, her partner died suddenly. Clare did not have a chance to return to the hospice to thank them all in person for the amazing work they do.

In spring 2018 Clare and Jaqui decided to get back to their original plan, the Couch to 5k. Both of them was running at 6:15 am three times a week. This continued through the summer and winter with frost in their hair! They both loved it. Claire said,

‘We thought we could put this new love of running to good use … and challenge ourselves at the same time … Bonkers!’

Today, they both are fund raising for St Teresa Hospice by running the Great North Run Half Marathon on the 8th of September 2019 as a thank you for the love and support they gave Clare and her family, but also to acknowledge the importance and brilliant job the they hospice’s do. They would be very grateful if you could support them with your sponsorship.

They thank Byw’n Iach very much, and we support them every step of the way. Good luck to you from everyone here at Byw’n Iach.

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