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Chwilio am Weithgaredd...

Chwiliwch am y gweithgaredd, dosbarth neu chwaraeon rydych chi eisiau gymryd rhan ynddynt...

Chwilio am Weithgaredd...

Chwiliwch am y gweithgaredd, dosbarth neu chwaraeon rydych chi eisiau gymryd rhan ynddynt...

We’re open!

Dear customers,

The Welsh Government has now confirmed that Wales has moved to Level 0 of the Covid 19 Control Plan. We are delighted to have played a part in the success of the Vaccination Program which has played a key role in allowing us to move forward and relax restrictions.

In light of this announcement, we have reviewed our Covid 19 Risk Assessment, and believe it is timely to introduce some changes to the way our centres operate. We are keen to try to strike the right balance between allowing more routine usage and increasing capacity, while at the same time continuing to keep our staff and customers safe, and continuing to build the confidence of some of our customers who have been nervous of about re-joining community activities

The changes below will take effect from 6 September 2021.

What will change?

Non-members will be able to start using our centres again. We would like to remind non-members that the Annual Byw’n Iach Card is a great way to save money on every visit to the centre. The "Pay in Advance" Packages offer even greater discounts for frequent visitors. Our staff can explain the best option for you.

The legal requirement to keep a distance of 2m will cease. We believe in remains sensible to continue to encourage customers to maintain distance from each other whenever possible. This reduces the risk of transmitting the virus and showing respect and courtesy in this way, is extremely important, given that some of our customers still feel nervous about being in busy indoor places. We would therefore continue to display our distancing signs and our staff will politely remind customers to be mindful of the needs of others.

The "one way" arrangements within buildings will end but see the note above in terms of allowing space for others.

We will review and increase the capacity of areas within our buildings but continue to work on a safe model.

It will be possible to visit the centres without prior booking, but we would encourage customers to continue to book in advance and online wherever possible as it guarantees a place for you at busy times and reduces queuing at our reception areas.

The 1 hour Public Swimming sessions will end but it will not be possible to book online. Customers are welcome to register/pay on arrival at the centre.

Our Fitness Rooms will revert to pre Covid's offer of equipment. With more equipment available, we remind customers to be mindful of others when moving around the space. Our Active for Life and NERS sessions will provide an opportunity for those who feel nervous, to visit with lower numbers present and a member of staff supporting and supervising. Reception staff will also be able to advise you on what times of the week are quieter and offer opportunities to exercise in a smaller group. The booking system will change for the Arfon site to reflect the new arrangements.

The wet changing rooms can be used for changing before and after swimming along with lockers and hairdryers.

Parents and guardians will be able to return to watch their children take part in indoor activities in some centres - depending on space available. Ask at your local centre for the relevant arrangement. We will continue to encourage parents of older children (8 +) not to enter changing rooms unless necessary. This helps to keep numbers lower in these confined areas.

Our swimming teachers will return to the water to support younger learners using visors as PPE and will maintain distance through the use of equipment where practicable.

Showers will again be available at poolside and in our changing rooms. Everyone is asked to try their best to take a quick shower and also to distance themselves from others when queuing for the showers.

Our dry changing rooms will re-open but we ask that you keep changing and take a shower at home if possible to keep numbers low.

All toilets will be open but customers are asked to continue to distance themselves from others within the space and wait patiently if necessary when the facilities are busy.

It will be possible to restart 5 A-side Football Indoor and Children's Parties. All organisers will be expected to take responsibility for recording the presence of those attended at each session. The centre will provide a form to help you do this. (Bookings accepted from 27/08/21).

Small groups (up to 4) will be able to receive an Induction to the Fitness Rooms.

Some of our cafes will reopen with the right to remove face coverings at the table when drinking and eating.

What won't change?

All customers over the age of 11 will be required to continue wearing a face covering when moving around the building and within our changing rooms and toilets. It will be possible to remove the face covering during exercise.

We will continue to ask customers to sanitize their hands or arrival and frequently during visits.

We will continue to ask customers to complete a self-assessment before visiting to ensure that they have no Covid symptoms and no isolation requirements apply to them etc.

We will continue to record and keep all customer contact details for 21 days to support the Track and Trace process

We will keep the perspex screens in our reception areas and continue to ask customers to pay by contactless / non cash methods

Our staff will continue to use the Covid's weekly testing system, and continue to distance themselves from each other and you as customers unless there is an operational reason not to, e.g. providing 1st Aid, offering support to a child in a lesson, moving heavy equipment etc.

The 1 hour bookable periods in the Fitness Rooms will continue for the time being to help us manage capacity, but at quieter times it will be possible to book into a second session on your arrival to extend your visit.

Our staff will continue to clean the centres more frequently.

We will continue to implement relevant measures to ensure adequate ventilation within all occupied spaces. Please do not close any windows or doors that have been left open. A few rooms will remain out of use for the time being.

We would continue with the additional requirements on 3rd Parties who hire facilities e.g. Clubs, schools, organisations, i.e. Risk Assessment, Covid Officer, procedure for recording attendance etc.

While we are really looking forward to being able to return to arrangements that are more like those pre-Covid 19, we are also aware that the virus has not disappeared. We will monitor the impact of the above changes to ensure that we continue to offer safe and pleasant venues for you to exercise and enjoy. If you have any concerns or questions about the new arrangements, please contact us at contact@bywniach.cymru.


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