12 Days of Fitness

Gwynedd Council

12 Days of Fitness

It’s almost Christmas and we have a gift for you!

Here’s your chance to have a taste of what Byw’n Iach has to offer…

During December in the 12 centres across Gwynedd, Byw’n Iach is offering 12 consecutive days of fitness for just £12! This is a chance for you to have a taste of our Byw’n Iach centres and take part in the different activities, classes and sessions we have to offer for the people of Gwynedd. You can gain access to:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Racket Sports
  • Fitness Rooms
  • Weight Rooms
  • Public Swimming Sessions*

This is offer lets you start from any day of December 2019, and then you will have 12 consecutive days of access to the centres.

Following this 12 days, if you choose to join us, you will get that £12 back against your direct debit membership cost! What better way of developing your fitness, or to start early on your new year’s resolution!

*Swimming in not available in all centres.


Cysylltwch â thîm Byw'n Iach heddiw...

Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am ein cyfleusterau Byw'n Iach, pecynnau aelodaeth neu unrhyw beth arall yr ydym yn gynnig, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni heddiw.