Active For Life!

Gwynedd Council

Byw’n Iach are proud to announce that we are taking part in the Croeso Cynnes/ Warm Spaces initiative this winter. Come along to our centres for a FREE cup of tea or coffee following our weekly Actif am Oes low intensity sessions. This offer will continue until March 2023

Active For Life

  • A range of low intensity fitness and sports activities for all ages across Gwynedd.
  • The sessions are popular with older people, those looking to start or restart exercise, those recovering from injuries, people with disabilities.
  • Those following the NERS Program or who have completed the program are very welcome to come to these sessions.
  • Make sure you book any sessions before you attend the centre.
  • When looking at our centers programs look out for the purple Active for Life logo.





Each center offers a Morning or Afternoon Active for Life where you will have the opportunity to visit the center for a 2 hour session to use a variety of the facilities for a special price of £3. The exact facilities and activities vary somewhat from center to center but usually include:

  • An opportunity for you to use the fitness Room with a lot of support from our staff
  • Sports Hall Activities (eg badminton, table tennis, pickleball, boccia or short tennis)
  • Low intensity fitness class (eg Chair Aerobics, Light Circuits)
  • An opportunity to use our community gardens
  • Opportunity to use racquet sports courts (eg squash, tennis etc)
  • An opportunity to use our outside fields
  • The 60+ Free Swimming sessions are also part of the scheme and are available at all Byw’n Iach Swimming Pools. More information on our Free Swimming

Besides the Morning or Afternoon Active for Life each week, there is a range of low intensity activities on the programs of each centre. We have marked those with our purple Active For Life logo. They include Free Swimming 60+ sessions, free community gardening sessions and low intensity fitness classes available for the normal fee or through membership.

Lower concession prices are available on a range of activities for those who are 60+ or registered disabled. Ask our staff at the center for more information or take a look at our price list online: Prices

Below are the timetables for the centres,

Centers Timetable:

Active For Life Online Timetable

Where Day Time Activity
Zoom Monday 10.30-11.15 Tai Chi Movement
Zoom Tuesday 11.30-12.00 Movement for Well being
Zoom Thursday 10.30-11.15 Pilates

Sign up to participate in the Online Classes

Active For Life Feedback

What made you join the yoga sessions?
As both of us had recently retired we felt that it was important that we kept as active as possible. We enjoy walking and gardening, but the weather is not always conducive to these activities. We had heard that yoga was beneficial to both mind and body.
What were your first impressions?
We felt totally at ease in the sessions right from the start – especially as there were both men and women present. We were not pressurised into doing anything that was beyond our capability as the instruction is always to work within your limit.
How have things progressed?
The yoga instructor states that we have both made sound progress since starting the sessions and we ourselves also feel much stronger and more able to sustain the movements/postures. Our balance is much improved; this is very important as we get older as poor balance leads to falls. One of us has had a history of shoulder pain and now this is no longer an issue.
What are the advantages?
We don’t always feel like venturing out for a lesson, but without fail we are always glad that we made the effort to attend. The exercises help us to be more relaxed and flexible and without doubt we feel the benefits both mentally and physically. Although the movements do not always feel challenging at the time, we know the following day that we have stretched and exercised different muscles. We both have healthy blood pressure levels and have been told that yoga plays a role in this.
Have you participated in any other Actif Am Oes activities?
We have attended one session in the Fitness Centre and found the one-to one instruction on using the various apparatus most beneficial. We hope to attend more of these sessions when they resume again after the summer break.

You can book your session in advance through our Online system or over the phone:

Book Online
Book over the phone

*it is important for you to get advice from you GP before you start exercising, especially if you have a specific health condition, injury or have not exercised for a long time.

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