Gymnastic Lessons

Gwynedd Council

Gymnastic Lessons

Byw’n Iach offers a wide range of different level gymnastic lessons in 5 of our centres, from beginners’ classes: bronze, intermediate classes: silver, advanced class: gold, elite class: platinum.

Our Byw’n Iach gymnastic classes follow the ‘A-Z’ Wales Gymnastic pathway which develops the essential gymnastic skills in the following areas:

  • Floor Skills
  • Vault and Rebound
  • Bench & Beam
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Choreography
  • Hand Apparatus

Every child that takes part in the classes has to be in full time education, being 4 years old turning 5 yrs in the educational year (September 01 – August 31). We suggest that the children attend until their 14 yrs old, then we suggest they follow will professional training with a sport leaders qualification.

Payments for lessons will be collected via DD monthly payment. Once gymnasts have completed their Platinum level, they will have reached the end of their journey in Byw’n Iach Gymnastics Lessons and will be able to continue their development in local clubs.

Here are Gymnastic timetables we offer at Byw’n Iach:

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