Home Workout: Core Muscles

Gwynedd Council

Core Muscle Session

Core workout session with Guto! In this session we will be doing seven different core activities with 3 different options available depending on your ability.

It is very important that we work these core muscles as these are the foundation of our body.

Option one: work for 20 seconds
Option two: work for 35 seconds
Option three: work for 50 seconds

It is entirely up to you how many times you complete the circuit; aim for 2 if you’re a beginner and move on to 5 once you’re more experienced.

The seven activities
1. Plank
2. Side plank
3. Leg raises
4. Back Crunch / Reverse crunch
5. Window wipers
6. Back extension
7. Leg crunch / crunch kicks

Cysylltwch â thîm Byw'n Iach heddiw...

Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am ein cyfleusterau Byw'n Iach, pecynnau aelodaeth neu unrhyw beth arall yr ydym yn gynnig, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni heddiw.