A good start to your year!

Gwynedd Council

A good start to your year!

Give yourself attainable and beneficial New Year’s resolutions to start the year off in a healthy and positive way!

Remember, when you set your goals, they are personal to you, for you to better yourself. Do not compare yourself to others.

Eat Well

Eat the rainbow! DO your best to eat a range of colourful fruit and veg, they are full of antioxidants to give you that healthy boost. Make fruit and veg a part of your everyday diet, and don’t be scared to try new things!

Set Goals

Set attainable but challenging goals for yourself, push yourself to reach that goal.

Keep Motivated

Don’t give up! Remember why you set the goal in the first place. What got you motivated? What inspired you in the first place? Find what will keep you on the right path and be sure to celebrate when you reach your goals!


Surround yourself with good company that support you and keeps you in a positive environment to enrich your life! Even during the pandemic, it is important to maintain social relationships in a safe way.


Move… it will do you the world of good. Moving every day will lower many health risks by keeping your body healthy! Walking, running, cycling, climbing, dancing whatever it is that gets your blood pumping and your body moving. Pick an exercise that you enjoy, and remember to keep it interesting! But remember, Get Active Safely!

Sleep Well

Research shows that good sleep relieves a lot of stress, helps you to lose weights and will benefit your health overall. Adults should aim for between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. Try to set a regular bedtime and develop a good routine.

Keep Hydrated!

Water… water…water! Our bodies are made of 60% water. It’s very important that you drink enough water. Try and drink 6 glasses of water every day! Your body will thank you.

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