Training Courses for Local Business

Gwynedd Council

Did you know that Byw’n Iach offers a wide variety of training courses, from Health and Safety to First Aid for external organisations?

We offer training from professional trainers who have years of experience in the field, for you to receive the best experience. Our training courses are offered in 12 of our centres in Byw’n Iach all over Gwynedd to reach your needs.
Purpose of this courses is to prepare individuals to undertake a situation or different circumstances by using the training that they received in different situation when nessasery.
Recently, Byw’n Iach ran a 3 day Health and Safety course, and received a very positive feedback.

The Course was delivered in stages which was very good, really enjoyed the course.

Very Interactive, course broken down and kept my attention throughout.

Brilliant training, found the course really easy to follow and trainer explained the content really well. Best First Aid course I’ve attended.

For more information about training for external organisations, contact Byw’n Iach on or contact your local Byw’n Iach Centre.

Click on this link to take a look at what training courses Byw’n Iach has to offer.



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