Preparing for re-opening our Centres! Are You Ready?

Gwynedd Council

Preparing for re-opening our Centres! Are You Ready?

We are still awaiting guidance from the Welsh Government, but hope that some of our centres can be re-opened soon. Once the Government announces re-opening measures, we will need a few weeks to bring staff back to work and complete the preparation of our buildings. We kindly ask for your patience as we complete this work. Careful preparation is essential to protect you and our staff. We are aware that some of you are very eager to return, and we are also very keen to welcome you back.

We will publish on social media and by email, once members have the opportunity to sign up to re-join. This will be closer to our re-opening date. To keep up to date, it is important that we have your current email address. If you haven’t been receiving emails from us over the last few months your details probably need updating. Please send an email to: with your full name, address, phone number and membership / card number (if you know it).

Thank you to everyone who recently completed our customer questionnaire. We have listened to your answers and reviewed our plans to respond to what is important to you. Preparation and adaptation of our buildings is progressing daily. To keep you and our staff as safe as we can when we re-open, we will put in place a number of new safety measures.

More information about the new systems and protections will soon be available on the Byw’n Iach website and Social Media pages.

Common Questions

Following the recent customer survey we have provided answers to the most common questions and concerns here:

What facilities will be available when you re-open?

Not all centres will open immediately. We plan to open one centre in each area (Arfon / Dwyfor / Meirionydd) as a first step. We will confirm exactly which centres nearer the time.

Necessary maintenance is currently taking place in some of our centres, which will make it more difficult for them to open soon. Not all services or facilities will be available right away.

What services will be available in the centres initially?

Our initial focus is on providing access to our fitness rooms and a varied program of fitness classes. 22.7% of survey respondents raised concerns about having enough space, there will be limited numbers in the fitness room and fitness classes, as well as new layouts to ensure social distancing.

Due to changes to the outdoor sports regulations, we hope to be able to open our 5-a-side courts and outdoor areas in accordance with national governing body guidelines. We will ask groups who hire such a space, for more information about their health and safety arrangements.

We are working hard with local swimming clubs and Swim Wales to be able to reopen pools, but it may take us a little longer to put arrangements in place for public swimming sessions.

Who can register to attend the centre?

We will give customers who have a Direct Debit package the opportunity to opt to unfreeze their packages first. 24.7% of survey respondents raised concerns about the numbers using the centre, so there will therefore be a limited number of opportunities available initially, this will enable us to test our safety measures with a relatively small number of customers.

We will use a first come first served registration process through an online form and an email link. It is therefore very important to ensure that we have your correct details and that you check your email account regularly. Over the coming weeks and months we will gradually extend the opportunity for more customers to return.

What changes will be made to booking?

All sessions must be booked beforehand. This includes fitness classes and fitness room sessions. If you have not done so before, you can register to use the online booking system here.

Can changing rooms be used?

No, people will be expected to arrive at the centre ready for their session. We would also ask customers not to bring bags and unnecessary personal items.

What additional cleaning and safety measures will be in place?

Cleaning was listed as the most common concern in our recent customer survey. 33.1% of respondents listed it as their number one concern when considering coming back to the centres.

Additional cleaning arrangements will be in place. There will be new cleaning stations at each entrance and in every fitness room. There will be sessions available to book in our fitness rooms and staff will clean all rooms between sessions.

The cleaning station in each Fitness Suite will provide customers with material to use on the equipment following use, to ensure cleanliness during each session. There will also be additional cleaning of our fitness class facilities.

What else will be different?

  • Advance booking is required for all activities.
  • The number of people who can take part in any activity will be limited to ensure social distancing.
  • Smaller fitness classes ensure fewer people in the fitness room.
  • Equipment and sessions will have moved to a new location in several centres to create more space e.g. use of sports halls for fitness.
  • The appearance of our centres will have changed with the introduction of screens on reception areas, new signage throughout each centre and some areas and equipment will be out of use e.g. water fountains and vending machines.
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