Marketing and Communications Officer

  • Location: Caernarfon
  • Contract: Full Time
  • Salary: £28,228 - £30,096
Gwynedd Council

Marketing and Communications Officer

Job description

Purpose of the Post:

•Ensure that the people of Gwynedd are at the heart of everything we do.

•To work as part of the Company’s Business Team to provide information about the Byw’n Iach vision.

•To coordinate events and create advertising and marketing opportunities for Byw’n Iach by being the company’s main contact in regards to communications.

•Through project management, start and develop a full range of promotional and marketing materials to improve the company’s internal and external communications.

•To lead the service’s strategic marketing within the Department with all relevant stakeholders.

•To ensure that the Byw’n Iach’s “brand” is developed, maintained and communicated across all platforms.

•To assist, contact and supervise internal and external communications for the Company.

•To be the main contact point regarding communication and marketing SLA with Gwynedd Council

•To ensure that the people of Gwynedd are at the centre to everything we do.

Responsibility for resources . e.g. staff, budgets, equipment
Marketing Budget of circa £20k, IT and AV Equipment

Main Duties
•Play a leadership role driving, developing and implementing the Bywn Iach’s Marketing Strategy.

•Ensure that the strategy has been planned to ensure that the company’s targets and outcomes are communicated effectively.

•Recognise, develop and maintain links with the media.

•Ensure effective relationships between the company and the media, including representing the service in radio, newspaper and television interviews when required.

•Research, write and distribute press releases and articles to be distributed to the local and national media.

•Identify and analyse opportunities and trends within the Byw’n Iach and suggest appropriate marketing actions.

•Coordinate the Company’s Marketing, Communication and Customer Service panel.

•Provide advice on the strategic direction of the branding work and ensure that the brand conveys every relevant aspect of the company’s work.

•Ensure that information of a good quality is available to support engagement activities. Implement a variety of marketing techniques, public relations and market research in order to reach potential customers, including those who are hard to reach.

•Responsibility for the company’s internal and public websites and ensure that they are updated and maintained in accordance with written procedures.

•Start, develop, edit and distribute quarterly internal and external newsletters through a project management procedure.

•Support clerical staff in relation to marketing and publicity.

•Provide training and mentoring assistance to staff as appropriate to improve their performance.

•Design and produce service publications, leaflets and other promotional material, including presentations, seminars and displays.

•Contribute to ensuring the legislative requirements and appropriate guidance are met.

•Attend relevant meetings and provide information to be used electronically and in printed publications.

•Develop effective methods of monitoring marketing activities and evaluate the impact for the Byw’n Iach’s management team and a variety of forums.

•Assist as required with dealing with general telephone inquires.

•Assist the team to prepare and distribute publicity material according to the need.

•Responsibility for the company’s social media pages.

•Contribute to the production of effective internal staff communication materials and organisation of events

•Responsibility for self-development.

•Ensure compliance with Health and Safety rules in the workplace in accordance with the responsibilities noted in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Company’s Health and Safety Policy.

•Operate within the Company’s policies in relation to equal opportunities and equality.

•Responsible for managing information in accordance with the Company’s information management guidelines. Ensure that personal information is treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

•Commitment to reducing the Company’s carbon emissions in accordance with the Carbon Management Plan, and to encourage others to act positively towards reducing the Company’s Carbon Footprint.

•Undertake any other reasonable duty which corresponds to the salary level and responsibility level of the job.

•Responsibility to report any concern or suspicion that a child or vulnerable adult is being abused

Special Circumstances . e.g. the need to work unsociable hours, special working arrangements etc.
At certain times the post holder will be expected to be available at weekends to attend specific events (e.g. conferences, operational events e.g. sports, care issues).

The above indicates an outline of duties only, in order to give an idea of the level of responsibility entailed. This job description is not exhaustive in detail, and job duties may change from time to time without changing its fundamental nature and level of responsibility.

More information:

For an informal discussion about this post please contact Karon Paul Roberts on 01286 679679.

Interview date 28/04/2021.

Application forms and further details available from Support Service, Gwynedd Council, Council Offices, Caernarfon, LL55 1SH
Tel: 01286 679076

CLOSING DATE: 10.00 AM, THURSDAY, 15/04/2021

If you are successful to be short listed for an interview you will be contacted by E-MAIL using the address provided on your application form. You need to ensure that you check your email regularly.

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