Byw’n Iach Clubs and Schools Update

6 March 2021

Gwynedd Council

Byw’n Iach Clubs and Schools Update – 26 March 2021


Following confirmation from the Welsh Government yesterday, Byw’n Iach will be able to accept bookings once again for our pitches and external courts for the purpose of organised sports sessions for under 18’s. If you wish to resume your Youth sessions, you will need to submit a completed hire form as well as an updated version of your Covid 19 Risk Assessment, signed and dated, before you can start sessions.

To book, we suggest you contact the relevant Centre in the first instance. Our Centres are currently staffed on a part time basis only. If you have difficulties in making contact in the usual way, feel free to email us at , and a member of our Business team will deal with your request. You are also welcome to contact us in the same way, if you require assistance in completing your Risk Assessment.


We continue to be accept bookings from schools for the use of indoor dry facilities and outdoor facilities, for curricular education purposes. After the Easter Holidays we will also be able to receive bookings for after school sports sessions, outside, on our fields and courts. Please contact the managers at your local Centre to discuss availability.

We have been pre-warned that the Government will consider allowing Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools to re-open following the official review on 23 April 2021. With that in mind, members of our team will be contacting Primary Schools over the coming weeks to request expressions of interest in returning to the Pools for a series of Water Safety Sessions. We intend to offer a series of free sessions during the Summer term for the older children within our Primary Schools (priority to year 6).

We are very concerned that a significant number of the county’s children will transfer to secondary education in September, after missing over a year of swimming lessons. As the vast majority of our children live within close proximity to the coast, lakes and rivers this is an obvious concern. Due to the Covid restrictions that will need to remain in place, capacity will be limited and we therefore kindly request that you respond to the Expression of Interest request in a timely manner, so that we can plan and accommodate the number maximum number of pupils.

Thank you very much!

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