Register - Re-opening the centres

Gwynedd Council

If you are an existing (frozen) Byw’n Iach Direct Debit, Annual Ticket, Monthly Ticket or Card Holder holder you can sign up to return to your local centre here!

Clubs should contact the centre directly to discuss bookings.

Important Information Before Registering

Although not all equipment and facilities will be available initially, we will be working over the next few weeks and months to gradually increase capacity in all centres

See below:

What has changed since the latest lockdown period?

We asked for your views on how to improve your experience when visiting our facilities, and asked what, within our current capacity, would encourage you to return. Based on your feedback, here are the changes that we are introducing: 

*Disabled customers will be able to use changing rooms before and after their session by booking a space over the phone beforehand. Our changing rooms will also be available for school use. 

Watch the video and then register by clicking REGISTER on the bottom of the page:

It’s important that the details you provide in the registration are up to date, to ensure we are able to administer your membership and bookings in-line with our privacy policy.

We are also asking you to watch the induction video (above) and confirm this by registering to un-freeze. This will help to conform to our Health & Safety risk assessment in safeguarding our staff and other attendees at our facility.

If necessary we may need to share your details with the NHS Track, Test and Protect service (TTP).

If you don’t provide these details, in regards to the reasons stated above, then currently you are unable to register to use our facilities.


Cysylltwch â thîm Byw'n Iach heddiw...

Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am ein cyfleusterau Byw'n Iach, pecynnau aelodaeth neu unrhyw beth arall yr ydym yn gynnig, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni heddiw.