About us

A little bit about Byw'n Iach and our objectives...

About us

About Byw’n Iach

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Byw’n Iach.cyf is a company limited by guarantee that is controlled by Gwynedd Council. We operate a contract on behalf of the council to manage 11 leisure facilities and offer a range of sports, health and fitness services across the county.

Byw’n Iach employs over 250 staff locally to provide this service. We also have a Board of Directors to provide strategic leadership.

The purpose of Byw’n Iach is “to offer sustainable leisure and fitness activities of the highest quality to our communities, in order to improve the health, well-being, fitness and skills of all.”

Our vision for the company is “Every resident a customer – every family improving their health and well-being – every community benefiting”.

Cysylltwch â thîm Byw'n Iach heddiw...

Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am ein cyfleusterau Byw'n Iach, pecynnau aelodaeth neu unrhyw beth arall yr ydym yn gynnig, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni heddiw.