Launching Swim Wales Early Years Framework

Gwynedd Council



Swim Wales are excited to share that Byw’n Iach have launched the Learn to Swim Wales Early Years swimming programmes – Bubbles and Splash in their leisure centres.

Swim Wales promotes the introduction of babies and young children to the aquatic environment. The introduction of babies and young children to a swimming pool should be safe, positive, fun and progressive to promote a lifelong love of the water.

Bubbles provides a fully supported introduction to the aquatic environment for babies and young children with an accompanying adult, specifically aimed at children aged 0-3 years. There are 4 levels of progression in Bubbles, with aquatic skills progressively developing throughout each level. Responsible adults are taught how to support and aid the child through games, songs and themed fun activities. A certificate is available for successfully completing each level. The existing Splash framework has been reviewed and updated and encourages a young child’s increasingly independent and guided discovery of the aquatic environment to develop water confidence, specifically aimed at children aged 3+. There are 6 levels of progression in Splash, with aquatic skills progressively developing throughout each level, with the child being increasingly independent in the water. Splash is recommended to be delivered in two ways; either starting at 3+ years old with a teacher in the water teaching up to 6 children, or for Splash 1 and 2 it can be delivered in the same format as Bubbles with a responsible adult accompanying each child. This allows for younger children who may progress more quickly through the programme due to starting their aquatic learning early and developing water confidence to not be held up in the system.

Byw’n Iach’s Aquatic Development Manager, Dyfed Davies said, “We are excited to be launching Bubbles and Splash across our leisure centres. These sessions will provide a fantastic opportunity for adults to introduce their little ones to the water in a safe, supported environment and have lots of fun! We encourage all responsible adults to bring their children to our pools as young as possible – learning to swim and enjoy the water is a skill and gift for life.”

National Learn to Swim Manager for Swim Wales, Hanna Guise said, “We are delighted to support Byw’n Iach to launch our Early Years programmes across their leisure centres. Swimming is one of the most inclusive activities available to our communities and our Early Years frameworks help provide more opportunities for babies and young children to have a positive and fun introduction to water, as well as provide opportunities for wider physical literacy development, socialisation and bonding experiences with accompanying adults.”

Providers interested in launching Bubbles and Splash in their programme can contact Swim Wales Aquatic Development and our experienced and passionate team will discuss everything in more detail with you –

For residents of Gwynedd looking for swimming lessons for babies and young children, please contact Dyfed Davies or your local Leisure Centre.


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