Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Gwynedd Council

People feel uncomfortable when I say that I have MS

This is what Eurwen Williams said as she discussed how she lives with her condition every day. Eurwen is full of energy and has a positive vibe of how she uses exercise form day to day lead her on a healthy mind-set and lifestyle. Sport has been a big part of Eurwen’s life since she was a child, from playing netball to forming the Caernarfon women’s Rugby Team.

Today, she is living from day to day with a condition called MS, which is Multiple Sclerosis. This is a condition that has an effect on the mind and movements of the body’s muscle. Over time, Eurwen has received different treatments, but she has discovered that doing exercise helps her journey.

This a condition that people don’t see, as Eurwen discusses her conditions with other people, she says:

People don’t know what to say much of the time. I feel that there is no point being awkward about the situation, I’m the only one that can do something about it, and by sitting and feeling down about it is not the way I’m going to cope with my condition

An activity that Eurwen wanted to develop from a young age was swimming. She recently joined the Adult Swimming Lessons that we offer in our centres. Following the lessons, Eurwen is now successfully swimming, and has learned how to in a positive environment with the instructors at Byw’n Iach Arfon, Caernarfon.

Every week, Eurwen visits our fitness room and fitness classes at Byw’n Iach Arfon, Caernarfon. Byw’n Iach offers a variety of fitness classes, and Eurwen feels free to chat, and ask for advice from the instructors about what classes is suitable for her. She added, that she always has a warm welcome at the centre and is open to talk to us about her condition in confident.

Eurwen would like to emphasise her praise for the service she received at Byw’n Iach. She encourages anyone to talk openly about any condition. The centres is there to offer you encouragement and help in fitness.

Sometimes, when I arrive at the centre, I’m feeling down, but as I walk in my mood instantly changes. The physical side to the exercise is great, but also, the sociable side to it is having a big impact on me as well. I talk to someone different in my fitness classes all of the time

For any enquires about keeping active and a healthy lifestyle you are able to contact any of our staff members in any of our centres. They will be able to provide the best service and advice for you. Also, for more information, you will be able to take a look at our Byw’n Iach website at what we have to offer in our centres:

Byw’n Iach also offers our NERS scheme, which is an exercise referral scheme. It is a part of their National Exercise Referral Scheme for Wales. For more information, follow the link:

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