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Max Card

What is a Max Card?

The Max Card is the UK’s leading discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs. Families can use their Max Card at locations across the UK for free or discounted admission.

The scheme is designed to help families save money on great days out. The scheme aims to provide a sense of community by stimulating learning experiences and enjoyable days out for everyone.

The Max Card is available to foster families and families with a disabled child. Apply for your card here: Max Card

What can do in Byw’n Iach Centers with a Max Card?

Family Swimming Session

It’s a session for adults and a children to enjoy using the pool, improve swimming skills or just get the benefits of swimming together.

To stay safe during this time, each family will have a personal / unique part to use in the swimming pool for 45 minutes.

Safe Distress arrangements are in place at all centers to protect our customers – more details:

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Cost: Free to Families with a Max card

Terms and Conditions

The adult booking must be a Byw’n Iach member (membership starts from £11.20 per year, available from your local center), all swimming sessions must be booked in advance by calling the local center ; rooms available for disabled customer use but booking is essential at the same time as booking a swimming session; otherwise you need to arrive ready for the pool (more details).

Cysylltwch â thîm Byw'n Iach heddiw...

Os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch am ein cyfleusterau Byw'n Iach, pecynnau aelodaeth neu unrhyw beth arall yr ydym yn gynnig, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni heddiw.